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Don’t think about what other players have in their hands

The next mistake made is that people don’t think too hard about what kind of cards the other players can hold. As a player you should of course look at your own cards and decide what you are going to do, but it is certainly also important that you estimate what someone else has. Take a good look at how your opponents are playing and what their results are from previous rounds. That way you know better how to estimate them and after a while you also learn whether they are bluffing or just have really good cards if they keep playing. This is not always easy to learn, but it is worth it.

Letting the emotions take over

Getting too emotional during the game is never good. This of course applies not only to Poker but also to other games. Of course it is an exciting game to do but do not get carried away by your feelings when you make choices because this rarely works out well. Try to keep a close eye on when the emotions are taking over and then take a break. If you know when things get too complicated, it is smart to stop. When you are calmer you can just start playing again. Which will definitely work out better for you.

Relying too much on the statistics

Another mistake is that people rely too much on statistics. If you study these carefully, you sometimes know what people are going to do in certain situations. This remains theory, however, because people are simply as changeable as the weather and can also make choices that you do not expect and that contradict all statistics. Therefore, don’t let statistics alone determine how you play.

Sticking too much to the original tactic

Many players start the Poker game with a plan they have made and stick to it. Nothing wrong with that, but it is important that you watch your opponents during the game and adjust your tactics accordingly if necessary. Sticking to your own tactics as much as possible is fine, of course, but sometimes the situation requires something else. Therefore, adjust yourself so that you have a better chance of winning.


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