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Even if you are a very good poker player, that does not mean that you can no longer improve your game. You can always learn and fine-tune your technique so that it is only more perfected.

Certainly if you have not been playing poker for a long time you can learn a lot but also the more experienced players should take into account that they can make mistakes.

Common mistakes in poker

To know which mistakes are common in the game, we have listed the ten most common ones for you so that you can try to avoid them. Especially if you want to become a professional Poker player, it is advisable to read this article because it will certainly make you wiser. This looks at the Texas Hold’em version of the game because it is often played by many gamblers.

Playing bad cards too often

The first mistake many poker players make is that people can get bored quickly during the game. Especially if you are dealt bad cards, the fun is of course gone. If you as a player get bad cards, you will soon be inclined to divide them over more hands, but then the chance that this will yield success is so minimal that you don’t win anything.

It is therefore better not to play with too many hands but just stick to the original hand. Return your cards to the dealer, stay calm and don’t let the emotions get the better of you. If you stay calm and keep playing, you are working professionally. Is this not possible for you? Then take a break and come back to play later.

Giving too much value to the cards you have

The second common mistake is that players sometimes place too much value on the cards they hold. A certain hand may not be very good anyway (which also gives you a small chance of winning) but it certainly also depends on your opponents whether you bet on it to play or fit better. This often leads to bluffing, but when the cards are shown, your opponent often turns out to have better and he or she still wins.

You can go a long way with bluffing, but if your opponent notices this correctly, it will often lead to a loss on your side because you are simply overestimating the value of your cards.

Making a decision too quickly without giving it a lot of thought

The next mistake has to do with making a decision too quickly during the game without really thinking about it. Certainly if you have been playing for a while, you sometimes want to become less alert and make a choice too quickly when it is your turn in the game. You can prevent this by training yourself in this. Often waiting a few seconds before making a decision is enough to be more successful.

Dit scheelt amper wat in tijd en zo houd je het spel niet op. Als je echt te lang wacht kan dit vervelend worden voor de andere spelers en belemmer je een goed verloop van het spel maar een paar seconden maakt helemaal niet uit.

De verkeerde speeltafel uitkiezen

Mistake number four involves players choosing the wrong table to play at. Certainly if you go to a casino as a starting Poker player, it will not be easy to choose a good table where you sit down to participate. If your main goal is to win something with the Poker game, it is important that you choose the right table where there is actually something to be won. Of course you would prefer to participate in the game as soon as possible, that’s what you come for. However, if you really want to win something with it, it is best to spend a little more time choosing the most suitable table before you start. That too is part of Poker.


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